Overcome challenges of not finding plus Size Active wears

Finding a suitable and fabulous plus size active wear can be a challenging task. Heavy weighted or thin sized people have to either order customized active wear or search from door to door. This can be one of the reasons for skipping gym classes. Workout attires have to fit and breathable so that the person can enjoy the movements and feel motivated. A lose or unfitted active wear can spoil the spirit of the gym.

Brand and online stores do offer a range of active wear sizes; XXS to XL. However, plus-size active wear is not readily available. The important thing is to respect every body shape and size. For that, numerous brands are manufacturing plus size active wear to promote body empowerment.

Plus size active wears parameters

The numerical value of plus size workout attire in the US is above 14. It comes in the names of X, 1X, 2X, or more. In the past few years, it was nearly impossible to find trendy and cheap plus size active wear, but the demand has boosted the manufacturing processes. Full-figured men and women can now easily find work out clothes from stores, brands, and online retails.

According to a survey of 56 people, 37 percent of men struggled to find fit plus size active wear for them and they had to first lose weight. Plus size active wear is a growing industry however, retailers are unable to market or sell it properly. In the year 2013-2014, plus-size active wear industry produces revenue of $17.5 billion. According to the CEO of plus-size retailer Eloquii, Mariah Chase mentioned that 65% of American women belong to the category of plus size but the apparent sales of plus size active wears are 18%.

A famous blogger, Sarah Conley, quotes that, “While it’s getting better, [the plus-size community] still doesn’t feel like we have the fashion options that we want in terms of fit and style.”

The retailer seems to overtake the challenge of promoting plus size industry to avail the commendable opportunities as Mariah Chase quotes, “it’s a vicious cycle for retailers, which makes them scared to step into the water.”

According to the research of online retailer ModCloth, 77% of plus size women find it difficult to find fitting active wear, 73% says that the size varies from brand to brand, and 81% says that are willing to spend more if they have options of styling.

Prices of plus size active wears hold colossal debate among the retailers. They seem to less profitable than the non-plus size apparels because it requires special efforts of tailoring efforts and expertise.

Guide to shop plus size active wear for men and women

Yoga pants, stretchable capris, athletic leggings, and sweatpants are common workout pants.  Taller and full-figured people should buy yoga pants above the 35.5” inseam. As any guide to shop active wear for men women would tell you, yoga pants should be fitted around the waistband, hips, and thighs. Tall flex pants are available in all sizes and patterns for men and women. Breathable mesh fabric pants are sold in common size of LG 32” and inseam of 34”.

Many brands have also introduced plus size active wears for cycling. Most of the swimming attires are unisex and also available in the size of XXXL. It consists of aerodynamics construction across shoulders and back. Maximum swimming active wear for men is 2XL and women are XL. It is ideal to buy zippered tops of 100% polyester material. It also consists of a 360g soft fleece to give a feeling of warmness.

Enjoy shopping pocket-friendly plus size active wears on coupons

Plus size active wears are made on special demand by the companies. It requires extra efforts of material and designs. All the things contribute to making it expensive. Financially unwell people might resist shopping high-end quality plus size active wears. We have a solution for you and it is coupons. You can search for brand’s coupons on their websites and social media channels. You can also log on coupon websites to find promotional deals of all international brands. Several brands offer 10% to 50% discounts on email subscriptions. Well, follow these tricks to enjoy inspirational gym sessions in plus size active wears.

Brands offering classy active wears

  • Nike
  • ASOS
  • Fabletics
  • Good American
  • Eloquii
  • ModCloth
  • Gwynnie Bee

The bottom line

Plus size models are getting features for active wears, fashion, and cosmetics brands. This shows the world is focusing on producing better wearables for plus size women. A plus sized model, Lane Bryant, was featured on Sports Illustrated for the latest swim edition. That’s amazing! Conley says, “These women are the important voices; retailers should listen,”

It high time that we empower women of all body shapes and skin color in this fashion world. They should be provided with the opportunity to flourish and enjoy their lives without being feared of plus sized.

Ferry Madden
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