Reasons You Should Only Go For A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

It is not easy searching for a plastic surgeon who can give desired results without any side effects/complications. Internet marketing has made it too easy for individuals and organizations to present themselves as somebody they are not! Many pseudo-boards may also make a doctor look like a certified plastic surgeon. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is definitely one of these. This isn’t an actual board as it is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only authentic certification for plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons certified by this board, such as board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George M. Varkarakis of Miami have undergone very specific training. This training is much longer and involved as compared to someone who is not a trained plastic surgeon but completed a shorter course to include themselves into the category of plastic surgeons. They also have extensive experience of handling various situations without disappointing clients and what has been promised during initial discussion about the entire procedure.

The Specialties of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Board certified plastic surgeons aren’t professionals with shorter training involving only a specific field such as cosmetic surgery. They have to undergo an extensive training that includes a residency in general surgery and a full residency in plastic surgery. The training spans across a period of two years and even more if the surgeon decides to acquire specialization in a field of his choice such as a microsurgery fellowship and a face or hand surgery fellowship. In most cases, the total residency totals to around 7 years. On the other hand, a specialist in another field, such gynecology or emergency medicine will also consider taking a very short training for cosmetic surgery to be referred to as a cosmetic surgeon. Experience counts. The field of plastic surgery is wide and complex. Hence, apart from training, a surgeon must also acquire extensive experience and the ability to handle all types of complications (as and when they occur during the procedure).

Experience and Knowledge Counts

A surgeon certified under the American Board of Plastic Surgery knows how to handle the most difficult situations should they arise. The extensive training they undergo helps them to handle more complex situations. Also it includes deeper involvement with both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. For instance, a lot of board certified surgeons holding expertise in the field of breast augmentations alone may have performed surgery on over 4,000-5,000 breast augmentation patients. Many have even come up with crucial literature and books on breast augmentation. These intellectuals have also known to have studied deeper effects of surgical techniques and difference in capsular contracture rate between the incision of nipple and that of the fold under the breast and the other paper.

The Takeaway

When looking for a plastic surgeon, it is very important that you look for a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These are known to be the only words to look forward to. Other variations may just confuse you with no results at all. You must also look for the experience of the surgeon. Ask about the number of surgeries he or she has for this procedure. It also helps to know about the number of years they been in practice. So if you have decided to go under the knife, it is time to start a research on surgeons and their skills/experience online. Also visit them for a one-on-one consultation to know more about the procedure you wish to go with.

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