food catering during covid-19

Recapturing Post-COVID Office Catering

Before the pandemic, the catering order was a reliable and additional source of income for many restaurants. Many offices rely on catering orders from restaurants during their lunchtime or large meetings.

But then, this soon stopped as offices got closed and employers were forced to work from home due to the pandemic.

As the world tries to return to normal activities and offices and employees reclaim their workplace, restaurants are doing all they can to repackage their services to meet the post-coronavirus demands.

Before coronavirus, there was a prediction by Technomic that the $25.4 billion bases in business catering could see a 5.6% growth in between 2019 and 2020.

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As offices are gradually reopening, operators are looking at how to achieve a reasonable portion of the percentage, and this can only be achieved by doing something different from the normal.

Although some of the old methods of serving lunch are still viable, more people are doing all they can to remain to safe and protect themselves from the deadly virus. Unlike before, eating as a group has become a risky venture as people are more careful and closely observe every before consumption.

An Austin-based fast-casual chicken restaurant, Happy Chicks, rolled out a Big Barn Box that contains chicken fries and tenders during lunchtime. This Barn Box could feed up to 40 people, and it is designed to keep the foods stay crisp and crunchy as the supplier moves them around.

Relish, a new tech solution created by ezCater, an online aggregator, has come up with a solution to food delivery in the workplace after COVID-19, which has helped accelerate the method used by Happy Chicks.

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Relish by ezCater

Relish works by using the team leader or office manager to handle all catering services, ordering, and payment. Then, all the lunches are delivered at the same time by delivery persons who place the packages on branded shelving units. This is done to help minimize direct interaction and prevent the spread of the virus.

Relish by exCater also handles a delivery company known as ezDispatch, but the company is looking at self-delivery service. Before the pandemic, a double kitchen was built in one of the locations of Happy Chicks for handling catering. A few months before now, the catering business was down to 10-15%, and most of the orders are coming from the medical research industry, research labs, and construction companies.

Looking at the customer side or area, a rotating roster of eight restaurants is being provided by Relish, where any can be chosen each day.


A catering R&D by Buffalo Rings and Wings came up with a strategy that deals with items that travel well. At the earlier stage of the pandemic, a lot of calls were coming in from CEOs of essential businesses to request for individually packaged meals. The idea was to relieve their employees of feeding and as an additional benefit aside from their income.

Before long, the team came up with meals to be put together from available items such as a cookie or brownie for dessert, Saratoga chips, soft boneless wings, and a piece of fruit. Presently, work is ongoing in the development of a larger line of hot and cold boxed meals to improve the catering program of the chain office.

According to the team, a lot of large-format catering took place in R&D, and trays of a buffet and chafing dishes with sternos were sent out. As more and more employees are coming into the workforce, delivering tons of hot meals is not always possible. R&D is presently working on foods that travel well, including sandwiches, salads, and other foods that can be packed as personal meals.

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