Robotic Prostate Surgery
Robotic Prostate Surgery

Robotic Prostate Surgery – Superior Results and Reduced Risks

Robotic prostate surgery for cancer offers a huge number of advantages over the traditional laparoscopic surgical technique.

It effectively treats prostate cancer. It offers the following advantages over other methods:

– Clinically superior results

– Lower risk of complications

– Faster recovery period

– Minimize scarring

Understanding Robotic Prostate Surgery

Also referred to as Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP), robotic prostatectomy is actually a radical prostatectomy practice. Most doctors recommend this minimally invasive surgery for cancer treatment and prostate removal. Dr. Sanjay Razdan has been undertaking this surgery for years. He incorporates the best of oncologic principles, syndicates it with open radical prostatectomy abilities and uses it with a robotic surgery approach.

Remote Control Surgery

Interestingly, robotic surgery is an operation conducted through a remote control. The surgeon is seated at a tangible distance from the patient. This is the place from where he does the surgery. All of surgeon’s movements are translated through the machine’s sensitive fibers. The instruments are of premium quality and ensure precision while undertaking the surgery. The surgeon may be in a different hospital or clinic while at operation. He may also be in a different state or a different continent while performing the same. The place actually doesn’t matter. The operation is conducted accurately in a remote fashion.


Robotic prostate surgery is a revolutionary and highly advanced surgery for prostate cancer.


Some of the major benefits of this surgery include:

– Minimal blood loss

– Less pain

– Reduced hospital stay

– Quicker recovery time

The side effects are less as compared to other types of prostate cancer treatments. This technique is also referred to as the ‘bloodless prostate surgery’. It does not require opening the endopelvic fascia. The surgeon will not cut the dorsal vein complex. Hence, no sutures are required. Also the neurovascular bundle goes through minimal damage.

With this procedure, Dr. Sanjay Razdan can easily enter into the patient using a few tiny “keyhole” entrances. He can easily handle the robotic surgery with miniature yet precise instruments. These help the surgeon perform surgery with great precision and remove prostate gland of patient without doing any harm to nearby tissue. This is very beneficial as the patient is left with just a few small marks on abdomen. There are no major scars normally related to prostate cancer treatment and surgery.

Superior Results with Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

Robotic prostate cancer surgery system is a wonderful option. It ensures superior results for clinical prostate cancer treatment. This is widely recommended as compared to non-robotic traditional and scope-assisted procedures. Since it is aptly equipped to provide surgeons with a revolutionary, three-dimensional, multi-level magnification range, patients can expect best results. On the other hand, traditional surgeries conducted by scope will characteristically provides a much lower resolution image. Additionally, the field of vision is restricted which hampers efficiency of procedure.

The latest technologically advanced system involves very sensitive electronics. The surgical arms measure only one centimeter diameter which allow the surgeon to make highly accurate movements inside the incision while performing robotic prostate cancer surgery. This also indicates that the malignant tissue will be removed with enhanced efficiency. Also the ease of performance is something unheard of in the times of traditional surgery.

Greater precision will minimize overall likelihood of relapse owing to missed cancerous tissue. With this precision surgical method, the surgeon can effectively damage healthy prostate tissue, which improves clinical results. This is also very helpful in minimizing build-up of scar tissue. It will contribute to overall shorter recovery period post prostate surgery.

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