Simple Ways To Detox The Body

High Carb Low Fat Whole Food Plant-Based Detox

During this detox, anything you eat should be plant based and void of animal products and processed food. That means you cannot eat anything that is premade. Items like boxed cereal, processed snacks, or anything that you don’t make yourself fresh or buy freshly made with minimal processing and preservatives, are off limits. In addition, you should try to buy most things organic to avoid pesticides and contaminants. Better still, grow your own food if you can.

This type of detox can become a complete way of life. It’s not necessary to do it only temporarily. You can eat this way long term and experience long-term good health. But, even if you only do it for 30 to 90 days, you’ll experience some great effects.

Many people see results in only ten days. Dr. McDougall has a getaway that is for ten days with full medical care, and he sees all sorts of improvements in the patients that attend these events.

For more information about eating this way, you can watch the movie Forks Over Knives or read Dr. McDougall’s book, The Starch Solution.

This is considered a diet that can make you heart attack proof. If you’re currently on medications for high cholesterol, have had a heart condition or any other health issues, or are obese, this is the perfect detox for you to try. Always check with your doctor first, though.

You’ll need to be willing to give up animal-derived food products, added oil, and drop any pre-conceived notions about how bad rice and potatoes are for you. But, once you get a load of how good the food is, you’ll be hooked for a lot longer than just a few days for a detox. Suddenly eating clean will feel like a pleasure because you’re going to feel awesome.

The proponents of this detox diet claim that you don’t need more than five to ten percent protein, which you can get totally from plants. They maintain that eating too much protein and fat is the cause of disease, rather than starches. Give it a try.

  • Read Labels – When you buy anything, it’s imperative that you read the labels. Don’t buy anything with too many ingredients, especially those that you don’t understand. Make sure the ingredients are whole foods. Avoid added sugar, fat, hidden animal ingredients and chemicals.
  • Avoid Overt Fats – Olive oil, corn oil, and so forth are actually highly processed foods. Do without them if you want to experience the best detox. Even coconut oil is too processed for you to use to enjoy a full and healthy detox.
  • Avoid Added Sugar – Sugar from natural sources like dates and fruit is okay to enjoy. But don’t use any added sugars, no matter what it’s called. If you want sweeter food, add fruit instead. Some chopped-up dates or raisins in your oatmeal will be delicious and answer your sweet tooth.
  • Avoid Nuts – Other than using homemade nut milks in recipes, avoid eating nuts as a snack. When you do use nuts in dishes always buy raw, unsalted and unroasted nuts and soak them overnight before use.
  • Avoid Added Salt – Instead of cooking with salt, try using salty ingredients such as dried tomato, dried celery, celery juice, Dulse flakes, seaweed and those types of ingredients instead of salt. But, using a little salt on top of your food is okay.
  • Eat One to Two Lbs. of Greens – Each day try to eat one to two lbs. of green veggies. Women can shoot for one, and men can shoot for two. If you eat your green veggies before eating anything else, you’ll be even more healthy and satisfied.
  • Drink Eight Glasses of Water – Each day drink fresh, filtered tap water or spring water and make sure you drink at least eight glasses a day. If you are thirsty, drink more. Don’t drink juice, plant milks or anything other than water for a beverage.
  • Avoid Caffeine – Don’t drink coffee, soft drinks, or anything with caffeine. This may be the hardest part of detoxing with a whole food plant based diet. Because most of it feels pretty normal, you likely will miss caffeine more than you miss meat.
  • Eat Starch – That’s right; you can eat all the potatoes and other starchy vegetables that you want to eat. You can also eat brown rice, but don’t eat white rice or flour-based noodles. Today you can buy noodles made from veggies, which are fine.
  • Do Not Eat Animals – Don’t eat any type of animal-derived product, including fish, chicken, beef, pork, cheese, dairy, and so forth. Even items that you’d think are okay to eat sometimes have animal ingredients in them, which is why it’s so important to read the labels.
  • Use Fruit Carefully – While you can eat fruit, limit it to about two to three servings per day. Using fruit as a dessert or accompaniment to oats for breakfast is the best way. The high sugar content of the fruit can be averse to helping you detox.
  • No Fake Meats – This includes soy products and any fake meats. You want to eat everything unprocessed. If you can make your own soy products without a lot of preservatives and additives, that’s OK.
  • Supplement – Be sure to find a good vegan vitamin B12, as well as D3 to add to your diet. It really isn’t just due to the vegan diet. Most diets today, whether plant based or animal based, are lacking in these vitamins.

Most people do not experience severe detox symptoms going on a “high carb low fat whole food plant-based” detox. Instead, within days they experience lower blood pressure, a lessened need for medications, and a better outlook on life. However, some people do experience peer pressure, as well as an internal pressure to want the flavors of meat and dairy. Thankfully, with long-term experimentation you can create good approximations of these flavors.

High Carb Low Fat Raw Food

One of the best types of detox diets there are that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, doesn’t have too many rules, and that really works well to rid the body of toxins is the high carb, low fat, raw food diet. Many people the world over have lost weight and even rid themselves of disease with this diet, and all without one single day of hunger.

The main rules for the HCLFRF diet are that you can only eat plants in their raw form, along with a few spices and herbs and cold pressed oils in small quantities. You must avoid added processed sugar, table salt, and cooked food entirely. But, you can eat unlimited plants in their raw state without ever having to worry about how much you’re eating. For example, you can eat 10 peaches for breakfast if that’s what sounds good to you. The trick with this detox is to get 80 percent of your calories from fruit, 10 percent from veggies and 10 percent from another plant-based alternative.

If you want to learn more about eating this way properly, try reading the book: The 80/10/10 Diet, by Dr. Douglas N. Graham.

Most people are unable to stick to this way of eating long term, but it’s great for a break from cooking, from having to plan too much, and for getting well. After all, what can be a faster food than a banana or an apple (or six)?

  • No Juicing – On this detox you avoid juices and instead concentrate on eating whole foods that you must chew. Some people add citrus juices freshly squeezed with pulp without a problem.
  • No Smoothies – The only blending you’ll do is when you want to make datorade (dates blended with water and lemons) or a dressing for your enormous nightly dinner salad.
  • No Sugar – You only eat sugar in the form of fruit. That means no added sugar no matter how natural it is, including coconut sugar, agave, and other processed sugars. But you can make date sugar by making date paste and drying it.
  • Low Salt – You need salt in your body, but you want to focus on using sea salts and salt that occurs naturally in food such as celery and Dulse flakes. Adding salt on top of your food can cause bloating. Note: If you do this diet long term, consider adding iodine to your diet to avoid thyroid issues.
  • Low Fat – Your body needs some fats, but you want to focus on getting that fat with raw food such as chia seeds, flax seeds, avocado and banana. Some people do use cold pressed oils in small amounts in recipes.
  • No Limits – Don’t count calories or look at your serving sizes. You should be eating a huge salad for dinner every single night that is about the size you’d normally prepare for a family of four. It’s very hard to get enough calories in without eating a lot of fruit on this detox. Let go of your fears of fruit.
  • Mono Meals – Eat mono meals because this is going to help your digestion become smoother. Eating six to ten apples, dipped in date dip (dates blended with water and cinnamon) or six bananas for a meal is completely normal.
  • No Caffeine – Avoid caffeine in coffee, or even raw chocolate. It’s not good for you and will dehydrate you. You want to stay as hydrated as possible at all times. This includes avoiding teas with caffeine too. Read all labels.
  • Drink Water – Always drink a lot of fresh filtered water. Start your day with 32 ounces of datorade (20 – 40 Dates, 32 oz water, ice blended) before you eat anything. You’ll feel better and get off to a good start and help with elimination. Water is the best beverage for anyone’s health.

Many people do experience some issues with the raw food diet. But usually it’s due to diet mistakes and perhaps a little withdrawal associated with an addiction to chemicals. When you get started, start out slow by adding in veggies and fruit to your day. For example, start with breakfast, and then make lunch raw, then dinner and snacks over about a ten-day period, to get used to the new way of life. Try to stick to this diet for 90 days for the most benefits.

Getting Started

Now that we’ve talked about a few types of detox diets, you can choose one based on your health issues. It’s important to also consult with your health care practitioner before going on any new eating plan – especially a water detox or a juice fast. The other diets are likely safe but if you’re taking medication, still check with your doctor before making major chances.

Here are some more things which will help you succeed with your detox diet.

  • Find a Buddy – You’re going to be more successful on any detox if you find a partner to do it with you. There are many Facebook groups, groups, and more to help you find a partner. Maybe you already know someone who lives near you that would love to join in.
  • Share the Work – When you have someone doing it with you, you can share the work. Many detoxes are work-centric which requires a lot of prep. If two or more of you are doing it together, you’ll be able to cut your work down.
  • Start Small – Instead of committing to 90 days, why not start with three to 14 days, depending on which detox you choose. When choosing a juice or water fast, three days is a good start. When choosing one of the diets, try two weeks. This will help you avoid failure and test out how something affects you before doing it long term.
  • Set Realistic Goals – It’s easy to get excited and overset your goals. Instead of setting a goal of losing ten lbs. a week, set a more realistic and safe goal of losing one to two lbs. a week. Instead of curing all your health problems, focus on one thing such as getting your cholesterol down or cutting down your type II diabetes meds. One thing at a time is better and will be less overwhelming.
  • Set Up a Reward – Many people forget to reward themselves when they do a good job. Even if you’re not perfect, why not set up rewards for yourself that help you want to keep going. Don’t give food rewards, though; give experience rewards. For example, if you lose ten lbs., reward yourself with a trip to a spa or going on a helicopter sightseeing tour.
  • Keep a Diary – You’d be amazed at how well a journal works to help you stick to your goals. Today, you can start a diary online in the form of a blog. Don’t worry; you can make your blog public or private. It’s up to you.

Finally, just get started. Day one is always worse than day three or even day 20. The act of moving forward with a plan takes a person willing to fail. You might fail, but you might also succeed. Therefore, think of succeeding more than failing and just get started. Take one day at a time – if necessary one moment at a time.

You can do it. You’ll be glad that you did, because the experience and the results you get, even from one good day of detoxing your body, can make a huge difference in your life and health.

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