Sleep Training What It Is and When to Start

Babies are little angels for the parents. As we see them growing, we adore them and their little activities. Each day they take mini-steps towards learning new things.

But one of the major concerns of every parent is the baby’s sleeping pattern. We all know that sleep regression is like a trial period for every parent. And so is sleep training.

If you don’t train your child at the right time, it would only cause problems later. So to help you out and guide the new parents-to-be, we are here.

In this article, we will share with you all the info relevant to baby sleep training and when to start it. After reading the whole article, you will get good know-how about methods for sleep training.

Let’s start it without further delay!

What is Sleep Training?

To put this in simple words, sleep training is the process in which you help your baby to learn to fall asleep. Also, you help him with staying asleep at night. So he won’t stay awake in the middle of the night.

Now, this process and its efficiency can vary from one baby to another. As some babies are quick learners and grab onto such ideas with ease.

Whereas some babies take time to learn things and cause trouble to settle down in a routine. But eventually, they also end up trained well, all you need is a bit of patience.

When to start the training?

Experts recommend that parents should start training between 4 and 6 months. When babies reach 4 months, they often develop a sleep-wake cycle. Though it may not be regular yet it changes with time and they drop night feedings.

Once you notice these signs, it is high time to start the training. Some will learn early and get the perfect sleep pattern and others might take time.

How to prepare for sleep training

Follow these simple tips to prepare the baby for training. These tips will help you make sure your baby gets the best sleep possible.

Bedtime routine

First, you need to introduce a bedtime routine to the baby. 6 months is an ideal age to do so. You can also start if the baby is above 6 months or less.

This routine can comprise reading him a book, a warm bath or singing a lullaby.

Consistent bedtime

If there is no consistency in the baby’s bedtime, he will feel tired and annoyed. So as recommended by experts, go for bedtime that is between 7 and 8 o’clock.

In this period the baby would get a night of sound sleep and wake up fresh rather than overtired.

Predictable daytime schedule

Only night routine is not enough to train your baby. You need to wake your baby up every morning around the same time. Then feed him and put him for short naps during the day at the same time.

When you do so, the baby’s mind will get habitual to the routine. The baby would sleep by himself around that particular time of the day. He would be more relaxed in learning the night routine too.

Additional factors

You also need to keep in mind these aspects of successful training.

The methods you used on the first baby might not work on the second baby.

Every baby has a different nature and sleeping habits. It can also depend upon the sleeping condition around him.

If the baby takes more time than usual, be patient or talk to the doctor. A sick baby often shows regression and are difficult to train.


Babies are a true blessing but they can be a bit fussy at times. And especially when we try to change their routines. Yet with a bit of extra attention and love, you can succeed in doing so.