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Small Dietary Changes That Work Wonders


Losing weight can be a tremendous challenge, especially where it concerns changes in your diet. Most people don’t like the idea of cutting back on food, since it leaves them hungry for most of the day. Fortunately, there are smarter ways to make changes in your diet that won’t leave you feeling like you’re starving. Here are some small dietary changes that can make a world of difference.


Drink Water 

While it’s possible to go for weeks without food, you’ll die in a matter of days without water. In fact, many of the times you think you’re hungry, it’s actually the water in the food that your body really wants. It only feels like hunger because the body can’t distinguish between hunger and thirst. So if your goal is to eat less at each meal, start off with a full glass of water. Let the water go down for a few minutes and you may find that you’re not as hungry as you thought you were. 


Eat Soup or Salad First 

If drinking water before each meal doesn’t appeal to you, consider starting out with a salad or soup. Soups are typically broth or water-based and vegetables are composed mostly of fiber and water. This will help fill you up a bit before getting to the entree, making you less likely to eat as much of something that may already be high in calories. Just be sure to avoid drowning your salad in high-calorie dressing or you could cancel out the benefits. Stick to either low-calorie dressing or plain balsamic vinegar. 


Eat Breakfast Daily 

Research shows that the most successful dieters eat breakfast each morning. After sleeping all night, your metabolism slows to a crawl. Eating a light, healthy breakfast is the best way to get it going again. Oatmeal and yogurt are two great suggestions, but a smoothie packed with fresh fruits and vegetables will also suffice, especially when you’re in a hurry. 


Buy Lean Meats 

Don’t assume that you’ll have to give up meat completely, in order to lose a few pounds. All you need to do is start buying leaner cuts of meat. For example, flank, sirloin and round steak are significantly leaner than ribeye. Lean meats alone can help you cut up to 90 calories from a four-ounce serving. 


Cut Back On Sodas 

If you drink sodas on a daily basis, there’s a good chance they’re to blame for at least some of those extra pounds you’re trying to lose. More than 25 percent of the drinks consumed in the United States are sodas, which is largely due to the fact that they’re loaded with addictive substances like sugar and caffeine. Diet sodas aren’t much better, when you consider that the artificial sweeteners they use can actually stimulate your appetite. Your best bet is to replace them with either plain water or sparkling water with lemon (for flavor). 


Increase Protein Consumption 

Increasing your protein consumption is another easy way to help you eat less without feeling hungry. Protein is believed to increase your brain’s sensitivity to leptin, which is a hormone that signals when you’re full. Make sure that protein makes up at least one third of each of your meals. Eggs, lean meats, leafy greens, beans and salmon are healthy sources of protein you can experiment with. If you like pastas, consider using alternatives like quinoa pasta shells. Quinoa has significantly more protein than any other type of flour, with up to 8 grams in one cooked cup.


Consume More Small Meals 

Try eating five or six smaller meals each day, rather than two or three large ones. One reason this is better is that your metabolism begins to slow down just three or four hours after eating. The more it slows down, the fewer calories you will be burning. If you eat just enough to sustain you for the next three hours, your metabolism will spend most of the day doing what it’s supposed to do, rather than slowing to a crawl. Note that your body’s ability to absorb critical nutrients from food is also better with smaller meals. 


It will probably still be tough to lose those unwanted pounds, but these tips can help you circumvent many of the hurdles faced by virtually every dieter. And in addition to these tips, you can check out le-vel thrive reviews. This health program has helped many boost their weight-loss and reach their fitness goals. 


Overall, just remember that while it takes time to lose a significant amount of weight, there’s no sense in starving yourself. That approach will only lead you to cheat more often, ultimately sabotaging your efforts.


Paisley Hansen
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