Some Yoga Poses after Dinner For Great Digestion And Overall Wellbeing

Exercise is key to your physical fitness and a lot of time due to work pressure and other stressors we tend to ignore our health and without even realizing it. Late dinner is one of the biggest felons when it comes to health and lifestyle-related disorder. In addition to little changes in your diet, you can choose to improve your health in the best way possible.


How Yoga Is Better Than Working Out?

It is certainly not possible to do heavy workout post meal so the big question is how you can easily digest food and at the same time, it will help you to improve your gut health. Well, if you are thinking how you can aid and improve your digestion well, you are at right place as here you will get to know about some amazing yoga poses after dinner, which you can try without much issue and hassle.

Taking out 10 to 15 minutes after the meal is no big deal as we all are usually free after dinner so just try these easy pose after a meal and you will see the difference for sure as the results you will get are amazing.


Some post-dinner yoga poses!

Before we embark on the pose it is important to be sure of your health conditions and if you are having any medical aliment so the best is to take advice from your GP as he will be able to tell you to go ahead with it or not. In addition, if you have any orthopedic condition that it is important to take advise as this would certainly help you to get done in a more accurate manner. Yoga is a complete exercise in itself but here we are going to delve deep into yoga poses that would help you to get rid of almost all the gut-related problems due to indigestion.

  • Balasana ( the child pose): if you are often feeling heavy and bloated then this is the perfect rescue as this will not help get you to get rid of the bloating issue and it will improve indigestion as well. Begin from kneeling position and tuck your chest into your thighs and keep your forehead on the ground and keep your arm straight. Take a few slow and full breaths and hold the pose for 10 to 15 sec and you can easily repeat till the count of five.
  • Ustrasana( camel pose) is one of the most effective yoga for digestion after dinner and you can do this after lunch as well. It is a great exercise for your back muscles as well. It is a bit difficult therefore it is important to do it under the expert supervision or you can see online videos from the yoga instructors as well. It will take two three days to master the pose.
  • Uttanasana(Standing Forward bend pose) this no less than a blessing for the gastrointestinal tract as it helps to push food along the tract and helps relieve constipation and it keeps bloating at bay. This asana is very easy and can be easily done without any support system. Keep your knees bent to try to reach over your stomach and hands pulled back and try to touch the back of the knee with your hands. The pose needs to create tension in your hamstrings and if it is not creating any tension then you are not doing in the correct manner.

There are many other as well but these three yoga poses after dinner works best and you can try at home to make sure that you do it every day for better results and overall improvement of gut health.


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