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Taking Care of Your Nails during Self-Isolation

It is no secret that the current situation is something that none of us could have expected. But since what happens is out of our hands, the best thing that we can do is adjust our lifestyles to get through self-isolation productively and with as little stress as possible. The most important thing is that we don’t let ourselves go despite the fact that our daily routines are all over the place. While hairdressers don’t recommend going DIY during this time, you are more than allowed to take care of your nails yourself during self-isolation. Just because no one will see your nails in the near future, it does not mean you should neglect their appearance. Taking care of yourself is important, so if a manicure is due, here is what you should know.

Start by quitting your bad habits

Most of us have a bad habit or two, but if you want your nails to look attractive, there are a few that you should quit as soon as possible. First of all, if you are a nail biter, what better time to quit this habit than now, when touching your face or, God forbid, putting your finger in your mouth has become nothing short of a taboo. While this might be difficult, just think of all the germs that you transmit with this action (not to mention how much you damage your nails). You can try using special nail polish to stop you from biting them. Secondly, if you are a smoker, you should know that this bad habit reflects on your nails, too. So, if you don’t want yellow nails, try your best to quit smoking. If you are more of a social smoker, this should not be as hard.

Protect your hands

Since you are spending much more time at home now, chances are that you are finding time for all the household chores that you did not do as often before. Be it washing the dishes three times a day now that you eat your meals at home or deep cleaning every corner of your apartment with chemicals to get rid of every last bacterium, make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands from said chemicals and prevent debris from getting under your nails – it’s more difficult to get rid of than you’d think. You might have also taken up new hobbies around the house such as gardening; here, too, make sure you always wear gloves to keep your hands nice and protected.


For the past few weeks, you have probably been washing your hands more frequently than ever. Add to this all the previously mentioned chores that can get your hands dirty, and you have a sure recipe for dry, irritated skin, hard cuticles, and brittle nails. Soap removes the natural oils from our skin and nails, so to make sure you give them back all the necessary moisture, use hand creams and cuticle oils. You can also use natural remedies rich in vitamins such as jojoba oil and cocoa butter as these are especially good at fighting dryness.

Target your problem

If you have been wearing gel nails until now, you might be in a pinch. Your nails might be weak, brittle or damaged, and you can’t expect your manicure to look nice if your nails keep breaking and peeling. So the base of your nail care should be targeting your problem and using high-quality natural nail care products to restore them to a healthy state. You can also adjust your diet to make sure your nails are strong – for instance, a calcium-rich diet will help prevent nail cracking while if you’re struggling with ridges on your nails, think about increasing your iron intake.

Get the necessary supplies

Your go-to nail salon might be closed, and so might be your favorite beauty store. Still, it’s not the end of the world even if you have run out of nail polish remover or your favorite top coat. You can still get everything online, and this is exactly what you should do if you run out of something instead of using old, low-quality products you might have lying around. Additionally, you want to steer clear of low-quality nail polishes altogether because they contain harsh chemicals (such as parabens and sulfates) that are not only bad for your body but they might also stain your nails, ruining all your previous efforts at making your manicure look nice.


Taking care of your nails during self-isolation should be a breeze if you follow the aforementioned tips and protect your hands and nails as much as you can. Remember to take care and you will come out of this self-isolation with beautiful hands and nails!

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