The Importance of Vaccinations |

The Importance of Vaccinations

The main reason why vaccinations are important is that they protect us. With no vaccines, we are vulnerable to a number of viruses and diseases. Because of the seriousness of that potential problem, vaccination is essential. Even though protection is the crucial reason why we need vaccines, there are other reasons why they are so important as well.


As it was already mentioned, vaccinations are crucial because they protect us. Our body is very vulnerable when it comes to different viruses and diseases. If we have a certain disease at a young age, our body develops a lifelong immunity to fight that disease. This is the scenario for some lighter or less serious viruses and diseases. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are diseases with serious consequences, some even resulting in lethality.

Since having these diseases carries a huge risk, the best solution for them is vaccination. With no antibodies in our system, the fight against this kind of disease is often pointless. On the other hand, vaccination can help us fight even the most serious cases of infections even if had no experience with them before.

It’s simple and effective

Vaccination is a rather simple process. We don’t waste time or resources and we get some pretty significant results out of vaccines. Namely, all it takes is a few minutes and after that, we are protected from a certain infection for life. We go from being extremely vulnerable to a disease to gaining the ultimate immunity within minutes.

When vaccinates, we get a weakened microbe in our body. It could also be a fragment or something that resembles the microbe. The small doses don't put us at any risk of becoming sick, but it is enough to activate our body to develop immunity. Even though this is a simple process, it has proven to be successful in the fight against serious infections. Some vaccines provide lifelong protection, but some others don't. For these, it's important to get vaccinated every few years.

Vaccinations are safe

Another reason why vaccination is good for us is that it is safe. Children never get a vaccine unless the vaccine has been carefully reviewed. Scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals all come together to decide whether a vaccine is good for us and safe or if it is the opposite. Stored in a suitable vaccine refrigerator, vaccines remain fresh, well-kept, and ready to help our body fight any potential infection or disease. The effort that goes into making vaccines, reviewing the, and making them ready for use is priceless and it is the key to our health.

In some cases, vaccines can cause some kind of discomfort. For instance, they may involve pain, redness, or tenderness. However uncomfortable these things can be, we need to remember that these are minimal pains that we go through in order to avoid more serious ones. Even though vaccines can sometimes cause pain, that pain is nothing when compared to the pain, distress, and trauma that vaccines prevent. When it comes to more serious side effects, they are very rare. One instance of these would be the allergic reactions but they, too, are very rare. If allergies do pose a threat, there is still a solution. Children with allergies don't have to get vaccinated if everyone in their surroundings is already fully immunized. This way, spreading the disease is limited and everyone is protected.

Vaccination protects others as well

The amazing thing about vaccination is that, once we are vaccinated, we don't only protect ourselves. Namely, in most of the cases, we protect our future children as well. Once the antibodies are developed, the chances of passing on the virus to our children are significantly decreased.

The most popular example of this is the vaccination against rubella. Rubella is a contagious viral infection. Its main distinction is the red rash. Even though the infection usually causes mild symptoms, it can get pretty serious when a mother is infected during pregnancy. However, it has been proven that vaccination can prevent passing on the virus to the newborns.

Herd immunity

Herd immunity is another reason why vaccination is important. Societies have often had trouble with infections and pandemics. Fortunately, there is a way to fight these issues. The best way to do so is by vaccination. Vaccination in bulk what can save a society from a serious disease.

That is a rather logical solution. If every member is vaccinated against a disease, the disease doesn’t have a potential victim. Even if the majority is vaccinated, it’ll still be the same. In a scenario like this, even the ones not vaccinated will be protected thanks to the vaccinated majority. People develop immunity as a group and that’s what causes the disease to get completely eradicated.

Vaccination saves time and money

Finally, the last reason why vaccinations are important is not all health-related. It's actually related to resource-saving. However, even though saving time and money is primary here, the core of this reason is health as well. If we don’t get vaccinated, we risk catching serious diseases. We also risk fatal consequences, as well as results such as prolonged disabilities. A serious condition, as a result of an infection, can result in us having to visit doctors more often than we would like to.

If that does happen, we are bound to spend enormous amounts of money on the said visits to doctors, medication, and all of the necessary medical tools. All of this also takes a lot of time. On the other hand, once we are vaccinated, we can relax and forget about this kind of problem. Since we save our health, time, and money, getting vaccinated is a great investment.


Vaccination is good for many different reasons. Even when it causes some form of discomfort, vaccination still helps us. It helps our body develop antibodies that prevent us from getting infected and suffering from some pretty serious consequences. Vaccinations are important because they help us save our lives as well as the lives of people around us.

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