The Long Term Costs Of Coronavirus

For Laura Gross, a successful bladder surgery back in late March meant life would go back to normal. Little did she know that things would never remain the same for her. As soon as she got home, she got sick.

She felt pain in her eyes, throat, head, muscles and joints. According to her, she felt her head was clogged. She was diagnosed with COVID-19. Some four months later, she still has the symptoms.

Gross is now seeing a gastroenteritis, cardiologist, amongst other specialists including a primary care doctor.

“I have had this stubborn headache for a while now, in addition to to a low-grade temperature,” she said.

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The common theme of coronavirus patients is that they have to contend with new complications on a regular basis.

With studies showing that coronavirus patients face months of severe health complications, health care experts are now looking at long-term costs of the pandemic.

A study by the City University of New York Public School of Health estimates that if 20% of U.S residents contract the virus, the costs of treating the affected patients will be more than $50 billion. In the absence of a vaccine, around 80% of residents could be affected, thus sending the health care costs to $200 billion.

A good number of the countries affected by the virus are already making adjustments to cater to the long term effects of the virus. Some U.S hospitals are already creating specialized care centers to care for affected patients.


Knowing The Cost

Close to 20 million people have been affected by the virus around the world, with 25% of the affected people in the U.S.

Health care experts suggest that it will take years before we know the full extent and cost of the virus. Unlike other events, the effects of coronavirus linger for months or even years. Coronavirus affects vital organs, leading to damages that will need expensive care.

A study in Germany showed that more than 75% of coronavirus patients aged 45 to 53 suffered from heart inflammation, thus increasing the likelihood of heart failure.

A Kidney International study showed that more than 33% of coronavirus patients in New York developed an acute kidney injury, with more than 14% needing dialysis.

“On a global scale, we really don’t know the full extent of the virus. We really don’t know those who need checks and treatments. The full extent and cost will reveal it’s self in years to come,” Dr Marco Rizzi said. “Those with mild COVID-19 symptoms may develop other symptoms in the future.”


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