The positive effect of Art Therapy on your mind |

The positive effect of Art Therapy on your mind

A lot of people find themselves stressed out with busy schedules or just life in general. Stress injuries one’s health both physically and mentally and its effects can cause lasting impacts that affect our lives in detrimental ways. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by being creative. Some people take up a hobby like gardening or a new sport, while others may decide to write or paint instead. If you’re the artsy type then you would love the new art craze that’s brewing up – Adult paint by numbers. That’s right. Coloring isn’t just for kids and adults often find that it is one of the best ways to distress. But how? Well, art is therapy.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a field where individuals are motivated to express their creative sides and drawing or painting skills in order to relieve stress. It helps one connect better with their inner self. As children, this was instinctive to us. Picking up coloring pencils or crayons and diving right into a coloring book was our way of having fun and staying focused at the same time. Our imagination would run wild.

Why do adults need it?

As people grow older they lose their faith in themselves. They simply don’t practice art because they think they’re not good at art. A lot of their creativity is never expressed. Most adults who are innately creative just end up doodling on their work notes and leave it at that. But what is there was a way to rekindle one’s faith in their creativity? What if art could be easy?

It finally is! Adults paint by numbers is an amazing stress relief tool that helps you create beautiful art even if you’re not really trained in painting or coloring. This works even for people who don’t consider themselves to be creative. It can really open up new doors and possibilities for people who start re-discovering their passion for art.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Relieves Stress– When you start drawing, coloring or painting is essentially removing your focus off of other things and you are placing your attention in the task that is at hand. So this helps greatly in avoiding thoughts that could otherwise cause anxiety and stress. It also prevents overthinking and worries. It helps you have a clearer mind and gives you a chance of addressing a problem from a whole new angle.

Achieving the ‘flow’ – When we perform a task with interest and focus and repeat this task several times, we suddenly realize that our actions to perform the task just flow naturally. It’s almost a meditative state wherein your mind is completely silent but doing so many things at the same time. This can happen to anyone engrossed in a creative task. It is important to practice achieving the flow as it is very beneficial to improving focus and relieving stress. Art therapy is essentially a form of self-care.

Planning an art project

Make sure you keep a sketch diary. This sketchbook can be a way of journaling your progress. You could sketch pictures that express your feelings and this is a way of your being able to confront your emotions and go through the healing process. Try to create a not too tight schedule for your art project and try to stick to it as much as you can. If you’re unsure of where to start you could begin with the Adult paint by numbers books.