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Tips on Starting Oral Hygiene at an Early Stage

Ever wondered why most of us have had the weird dream of our teeth falling off leaving our mouth toothless? Well it could be because teeth contributes to the way we look and we constantly have this fear of going toothless one day. We all have our usual visits to the Dentist to make sure that our teeth are in good condition. We brush, floss and keep our teeth clean for the fear of getting cavities. But when exactly should oral hygiene start in a person’s life? The answer is, the earlier, the better. Even if your child is just a baby and probably has just a couple of teeth in his mouth or nothing at all, it is never too early to start caring for his teeth and making sure that they are in good condition. Now this is exactly why elder people who are pretty much experienced in raising children up make it a point to clean their gums while giving them a bath.

Teething is an important phase during babyhood. This is when the first tooth starts growing and cuts out. This can be a hard time for the baby as it may be a bit painful, and it causes much discomfort to the baby. But this is also the time when you should make sure that his oral hygiene is taken care of. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure your child’s oral hygiene.

Brush twice a day

This is a popularly known dental advice which unfortunately most people are lazy to follow. You may feel like taking your child’s dental health for granted thinking that he is just a child and there is yet more time to start afresh. But be aware of the fact that if the food particles that get stuck to your child’s teeth are not brushed or cleaned properly, it could affect his dental health all throughout his life. So make sure that your child’s teeth is brushed every morning as well as before going to bed in the night. This definitely can make a world of difference. You could buy baby toothpastes and toothbrushes online that are available in plenty to ensure baby dental health right in the beginning.

Have a ‘Dental Home’

Having a Pediatrician to run to every time your child falls sick is such a relief. Your child would be so used to the Pediatrician that there won’t be a fuss every time you take him for his check-ups. Similarly, you should also have a usual Dentist who you can consult for your child’s dental check-ups. Make your child get used to the Dentist and the Dental visits will be such a breeze. This way, you can also keep a track of your child’s dental health frequently.

Prevention is better than cure

No point crying over spilt milk! Thus, it is always wise to care for your child’s teeth and prevent tooth decay by not giving him access to food containing too much sweet. Candies, soda, sweet drinks etc have so much sugar in them, and it is more than enough to cause tooth decay. You could allow him sweets and candies occasionally but not every day for sure. This way, you could prevent tooth decay and enhance the dental health of your child.

Hygiene is relevant – be it on your body, in the surroundings, or even when it comes to your oral health. If you are still waiting for your child to grow up to start oral hygiene, wake up and start right away! Your child’s dental health is your responsibility until he is big enough to take care of himself. So start afresh and your child will thank you later!