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Top 5 Date Night Tips For All NewlyWed Couples

As a newlywed couple, you try as much as possible to spend maximum time together. However, responsibilities could hinder everything you have been thinking and planning. Date nights set a foundation for your marriage. They create an image of how the rest of your lives will flow. Regular date nights create a forum to rediscover each other and what is out there; the food, restaurants, and new experiences. 

Coming up with exciting things to do on a date night is essential as regular date nights create a tradition that you want the new family to adopt into the latter years of your marriage. This keeps the spark alive for as long as possible. Here are five date night tips for all newlywed couples.

  • Cook a meal together.
  • Invite your family and friends
  • Prepare thank you cards.
  • Try an adventurous night. 
  • Binge-watching. 

While these are creative ways to spark fun in your new married life, there are unlimited ways to have fun with your partner. Here’s how each of these tips may be a good date night with your partner;

1. Cooking a meal together

A family that cooks together stays together. This could be a perfect plan if you have both been spending long hours at work. On this one day, you can stay at home and prepare a home-made meal. Pick something you will both enjoy doing. Don’t just pick something comfortable that will take a few minutes to prepare.

You can also turn cooking meals together into a tradition whereby you do it routinely or create a plan. The first meal you prepare together after the honeymoon should be something meaningful. Celebrate finally living together by preparing a fancy dinner and add some candles or petals to give date night a magical twist.


2. Family and friends

Few days post your wedding can be a busy time. From going on a honeymoon to settling in a new home, you barely have enough time with family and friends. Date nights can be a creative way to bond with your inner circle. Invite your friends over and prepare them a nice meal and have an impressive wine such as the Old Forester 1920. Who knows, maybe you could find yourselves planning another wedding for one of the guys soon enough. 


3. Thank you cards

Gifts are a common feature with weddings. Take some time off your schedule with your partner and prepare ‘thank you cards’ for all the gifts you received. This is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and appreciate your friends and family that showed for the wedding. Further, you can drop thank you cards personally at your friends’ place as a couple, or you can have them mailed in.

As newlyweds, there is a lot you will go through, from making important financial decisions to having the first major fight. Your friends will help you through such trying moments. Additionally, you can also use date night as an opportunity for both sides of the family to spend some quality fun time. Invite your parents over and prepare them a nice meal. Showcase your newlywed life. New friendships could also develop among members of both families. Check out kellysthoughtsonthings to read some interesting content online.


4. Adventurous date night

Indulge in something out of your comfort zone. Use this chance to do things you wouldn’t do daily, such as ice skating, hiking, bungee jumping, or go-carts. You can try to incorporate ideas that will get your adrenaline flowing.

For example, you may go ice skating. Such an adventure will help you bond with your partner while overcoming your fears. Even more, it can be an excellent time to identify each other’s strengths. With several activities to spark your adrenaline, you will equally find an easy way to spend quality time with your partner.  

An adventurous date night is an excellent chance to learn new experiences from each other. Another fun activity to indulge in is laser tag. This is an easy date night option that is bound to be fun for both of you. You and your spouse could go against an army of teenagers or go head-to-head. Such fun activities give you exciting memories as you settle into married life.


5. Binge Night

Wedding planning takes months. You both may have missed out on new movies and series. Take some time to prepare some popcorn and simply sit in and catch up on those movies you both enjoy. You are both still in a recovery period from the busy wedding plans. Spend a couple of date nights binge-watching some TV shows and fall asleep on the couch.



Date nights are essential for newlyweds as they help set a tone for your marriage. Whichever activity you choose to indulge in, from a fancy night out to a boring sleep-in, ensure to have fun. A happy home is a good environment to start your new life. That is also the kind of environment your future kids will grow into. Develop traditions as early as possible and adhere to all they stand for. A good marriage is built on a strong foundation, which you develop through the small things you both agree on doing together. Date night is no different. 

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