Training Diaries: Help with Muscle Building!

Strength and willpower – that’s how you pack something else! 

Anyone who wants to permanently break something in the bodybuilding and fitness area should definitely think of something to stay permanently on the ball – and to inspire and motivate.

Who does not know that?

At the beginning you still like to go to training & after a few months the inner bastard slowly but surely announces itself and does everything to keep us from our workouts. Phrases like “I work so long, now I have to run to the gym” or “I’ll take a well-deserved break” are spreading in our heads & prevent us from achieving our goals & leading the life, that we actually want.

Training plan for muscle building What to counter?

My answer: try it with a training diary! I strongly recommend a “physical” training diary, something I can grab. Not because I like oldschool. Sure, you can do it digitally in the form of apps, but in my opinion, they have real disadvantages. Your phone just distracts you in the studio and you are quickly seduced, between the sentences again check Facebook or write in WhatsApp.

Honestly leave it, you can do all this stuff at home. Is rarely something really urgent. Training time should really be training time & not time to play around on the phone again and again. We want to achieve something & look good, right? So. Plus one more advantage: you probably do not write much by hand (unless you’re still a student or a student). As a result, it will “burn” more in your memory.

Get stronger. Become better. Show it to yourself! 

If you “reward” yourself with a few notes after each exercise and document your successes, you are serious about the matter. Better yet: you will become aware of your efforts. This awareness can help to strengthen your will & achieve anything you really want.

And so you are well armed against the inner evil bastard who likes to lurk on the couch & then slam when you have your weak moment. The grip on the training diary helps right at this moment, because people are naturally fighters & like to measure themselves, even to themselves. So you can boost your success from yesterday? Show it to you! (And tomorrow at breakfast, proudly read how many repetitions / kg you actually pressed more 😉)

Rewards & Supporters for Groundbreaking Achievements

Your training diary is your reward & above all the appreciation of your own effort. It is your ally in the fight against fatigue, discomfort & laziness. Make a ritual out of it.

That should be in the book:

Exercise Muscle group Number of sets Number of repetitions Weight (kg) Exercise time (without rest periods) Note whether you trust more weight for the next time or it was already hard on the border etc.

Of course, you can also use an online training diary & matching apps to motivate you. The decision as to whether the writing or the online version helps more, you should meet for you. Online apps have the added benefit of documenting accurate dates such as route or time & reminding you when it’s time to leave the cuddly sofa. Another plus is individual training plans, which are based on condition, training goal, age, gender, etc. are worked out.

No matter if endurance training or strength training: use the advantages of your training diary to grow beyond you & become stronger!

I wish you every success in achieving your goals, a strong stamina, a lot of power & the victory over the gray, bloated & ugly bastard who gets smaller every day until he eventually disappears completely under the sofa.