Treatment Options for Psychological Impotence

Treatment Options for Psychological Impotence

Although psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are much harder to treat than medical causes, they still can be treated. However, one should bear in mind that treating psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction is not as easy as taking a Cialis. Erectile dysfunction medicines are designed to sidestep the physiological causes for erectile dysfunction like vascular damage or low blood pressure, so they can’t help much with issues created by stress, low self-esteem or anxiety. The most appropriate treatment for erectile dysfunction will address the issue at its root.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most widely adopted and extremely effective treatment for all sorts of psychological problems, but especially for erectile dysfunction. Performed by a professional therapist, CBT aids one in identifying and get rid of unhealthy patterns of action and thought that can contribute to one’s erectile dysfunction. CBT treatment is built on the notion that one’s inability to get and maintain an erection is not the main problem, instead, it is the body’s reaction to the main problem. CBT helps one learn to better understand oneself and one’s thought patterns so that it can be altered in a positive way to resolve the problems.

If you don’t feel like talking to a psychological therapist just yet, there are a few alternative therapies that can be tried at home. Relaxation techniques, for instance, are quite effective for treating numerous causes of psychological erectile dysfunction like anxiety, depression, and stress. Read more  to get techniques to try:

  • Rhythmic Breathing: Focusing on one’s breathing while taking slow, long breaths can aid one in moving a step back from anxiety and stress and to live in a moment. Try inhaling deeply and slowly over a count of 5, then hold the breath for another 5 seconds and then exhale slowly over another count of 5.
  • Meditation: Only a few minutes spent in meditation every day can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. Meditation can be practiced in quite many different ways, so it is best to try a few ways to figure out what works best for you.
  • Guided imagery: This exercise requires one to calming one’s mind and slowing down the breathing frequency while creating pleasant and peaceful images in mind. It also includes positive self-talk, giving one’s self-affirmations and ousting negative thoughts.


If your erectile dysfunction is on an advanced stage and these techniques can’t help you much, then you’ll have to consider taking things a step further with psychosexual therapy. In this therapy, both the patient and his partner see the therapist together. The therapists help both you and your partner get rid of the cycle of disappointment and stress which has colored your sex life and causing erectile dysfunction. Approaching a therapist with one’s partner can also aid in working out any issues related to the relationship that may be having negative effects on one’s sex life. The first step to convincing yourself to approach a psychologist and must understand that although erectile dysfunction may be a deeply personal problem but it is not something one should suffer through alone.

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