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Ways To Take Care Of Your Health If You Are A Tobacco Addict?

If you look at the trend of consuming tobacco you will find that people belonging to almost every age group is addicted to its many forms. According to the reports, in the year 2018 around 244 million women whereas around 43 million children between the age 13 to 15 years consume tobacco in the same year.

If you look at the versatile form of tobacco whether its smoking a cigarette, cigar, hookah or commonly known as Shisha, all of it has the tendency to become an addiction in short period of time.

Why is that so? Well, tobacco has nicotine presence which gives a pleasant and soothing feeling to the smokers. It tends to distract the person from unpleasant feelings. Nicotine, within ten seconds, reaches the brain and improves the mood, and increases the concentration span. It decreases anger and relaxes muscles. The influence of nicotine on the brain makes the person addicted as he craves to experience the same level of experience again. However, with addiction, you welcome many serious health problems.

Symptoms Indicating Addition Of Tobacco And Nicotine In A Person

A tobacco addict cannot quite it; he tosses and turns among its versatile forms, selecting a gum or choosing a vape, but simply can’t quite it completely. Moreover, he gets irritated or gets restless whenever he had to take a long pause. Whenever he encounters a crucial situation or is in stress, he rushes to take a tobacco break. There is some sort of mental disorder associated with the addiction which makes you feel stuck and clueless to think or decide until you puff tobacco.

How Tobacco Deteriorates the Human Body

The Nicotine present in tobacco causes some serious effects on the human body and its internal system. It causes prematurely ageing skin, blood clots, weakened immune system, erectile dysfunctional in men, infertility, risk of type 2 diabetes, cancers, vision problems and gum diseases. Such many different oral and digestive issues originate within your body as you become dependent on tobacco. So, what should you do to overcome these problems?

The Diet Plan That Decreases The Adverse Effects of Tobacco

Instead of eating food with a higher concentration of sugar, you need to opt for saltier and lighter food intake. The diet we take has a greater influence on our nicotine craving. Most people after having a hot cup of coffee or tea, feel a sudden desire to smoke. Similarly, when you stay hungry for long, you tend to take more than one smoke break, as tobacco kills the appetite. This is the reason why most people who work over-time have a higher consumption of cigarettes.

What you must do is include fresh juices in your diet plan. With the juice intake you will tend to fill in the nutritional gap in your body.

The calcium, iron and basic nutrition your body misses out due to smoking or chewing tobacco, it will be able to level up by the vitamin, calcium and mineral intake from fruits. Apart from this, include green vegetables in your diet. Veggies have low calories and keep the appetite full but do not make the person feel heavy. Moreover, avoid eating snacks in your day. The snacks you eat has a huge concentration of fats and sugar. Both of these two elements causes an increased desire to smoke tobacco.

If you cannot quite your love for tobacco and feels totally dependent on it, then instead of stressing about it, it’s better to opt for ways that can help you lower the risk factors. You need to give your body enough proteins and calcium that it can heal the adversity.

Vitamins– You can include food like chicken, poultry, fish, mushrooms and whole grains as these are rich in vitamins.

Calcium– to overcome oral health issues you can go for including food having a higher concentration of calcium presence like a green leaf, curly kale, soya drinks, sardines and pilchards.

Minerals– With the increase in mineral intakes you can cover up the issues your digestive system is facing. Food like nuts, fruits and vegetables along with fish is good to take as they can cover up the skin damages as well.

Nutrient-Dense Foods- To avoid severe heart disease and to keep your lungs performing efficiently, you need to increase your consumption of water. Apart from this, some of the nutritional food include salmon, kale, seaweed, and garlic. These are rich with nutrients and can protect you from causing an adverse effect on your body.

Wrapping Up

When your body and mind develop a dependency o nicotine it becomes near to impossible to use or depart your way. Moreover, considering the health impact it creates on your body, it helps you bring a balance in your life and to think more consciously. It free you from getting depressed often and keeps you charged up. So, it’s good if you maintain a balance. If you have a habit of smoking, try to limit your consumption and equalize it by increasing the diet.

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