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What Common Health Diseases Are Found in Australian Men Suffering From ED?

Erectile dysfunction is one of those problems that are associated with other medical health issues. As the human body is interconnected and every problem you face might be due to some unknown health condition. Similarly, erectile dysfunction is mostly associated with cardiovascular diseases. Many types of research have shown that any person suffering from erectile dysfunction is at a higher risk of having heart disease and other major health issues.


Is ED A Serious Health Problem?

Many men face difficulty with erections at some stage of their life. Where most of the men Buy Generic Sildenafil jelly 100mg In Australia to find an instantaneous treatment. However, it is much severe in some cases and any medication doesn’t work for them. But if you experience the occasional difficulty of achieving an erection then you might not a treatment. It is due to the bad lifestyle or by facing any kind of stress and fatigue during the period. But any ED symptom you face might be an indication of other health diseases. Some of the common diseases found in men Australian men suffering from erectile dysfunction are discussed ahead.


Cardiovascular Diseases

These diseases are the main reason behind the damage to the blood vessels. The reason behind developing such chronic heart problems is due to a high cholesterol level, hardening of the arteries and having high blood pressure. Most of the heart patients experience erectile dysfunction at a certain stage of the disease. If you do not have any heart disease and you are facing a restricted blood flow to the penis which is showing some signs of ED then you should consult a doctor. The symptoms of ED show that you might have some health condition that you are unaware of or your body is at risk of a heart attack.



Diabetes and erectile dysfunction have a very deep relation. Being a diabetic patient, your blood glucose level doesn’t remain constant and you have to take medication to keep it under a limit. That higher level of blood sugar causes a lot of damage to the blood arteries. Erectile dysfunction is related to the damaged blood vessel that leads to the hindered supply of blood to the penis tissues. Therefore, most of the diabetic men who don’t have a good diet would experience ED at a certain stage in life.


Neurological Diseases

The nervous system is very important to maintain and achieve an erection. The nerves are responsible for signaling the brain about the generation of blood rush in the penis. People who suffer from any kind of spinal cord injury or have Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease would experience ED. where pharmaceutical companies such as Vialis Meds have introduced ED medication, in this case, they won’t be that effective.



Many cancer patients complain about a reduction in the sexual drive after they started their cancer treatment. Cancer does not cause erectile dysfunction on its own it’s the treatment that results in such problems. The radiation therapy done on the pelvic region and any kind of surgery in that area might lead to erection problems. Some patients who have recently gone through chemotherapy have reported symptoms of ED. Being a recovering cancer patient you could try some prescription base ED medication.

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