What is some oily skin care for men?

Oily skin care specific for men

Oily skin is heavier and has open pores that quickly gets clogged, results in the appearance blackheads and whiteheads.

The skin becomes thick, dry and usually insensitive to highly chemical products and environments. It is time to take the complexity away from the skin care with this brief guide to skin types, the best products, and then when and how to utilise them. Let us enlighten you with skin care health tips regime that will help you combat oily skin.


Step 1: Scrub your oily skin

The first thing that you after waking up in the morning is scrub your face. It is essential to exfoliate your face once or twice in one week. men who have oily skin should continue to exfoliate more often than the ones who have dry skin. Choose a product which is more versatile, it must be secret weapon missing in your skincare regime. Exfoliating helps to eliminate dead skin and grow new skin which is healthy and glowing. The less dead skin builds up on your skin, the more you will experience oil in your face. Before you take out your shaving kit, run the scrub all over your face.


Step 2: Hydrate


Skin demands a lot of care and if it comes to men’s skin, it surely does need nourishment. Try to keep your skin hydrated. Moisturise your face as it helps to make the skin firm and makes your skin look firm and tight. In your early 20’s, the cells from the skin are not capable of retaining the moisture. As you age, the body produces fewer bodily proteins called collagen. Embrace a youthful and healthy face and never let your face dehydrated. Oily skin cannot retain moisture hence a regular practice is a must.


Step 3: Tone


Toning removes dirt and makes the skin for moisturizer. Toner has the capacity to attract all the germs and excessive oil that is left even after you have cleansed your face. Moreover, it allows the moisturizer to set in the skin because it makes the skin absolutely ready to absorb cream or lotion. Go for toners that have astringent which is a perfect dose for bacteria which is responsible for causing blemishes all over the skin.


Step 4: Moisturize


Many people mistake oil for moisture. For people who do not know, oily skin are much more dehydrated than the normal skin. TRy to moisturise your skin twice a day and apply the right serum. Go for light weight, oil-free cream or gel moisturizer. Do not worry, these will not make your face look shiny.


Step 5: Face Mask


If you want to completely get rid of impurities and dead skin cells, then it is essential you use face mask once or twice a week. Diligently after cleansing, use a proper lightweight face mask to make sure you have a complete face massage and your skin feel revitalized. The gentle mask has the capability to get inside the pores and attract all the dirt and pollutants which is left out after the cleanser.

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