What New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment is Available in Australia?

The inability to sustain a suitable erection is what we call erectile dysfunction. Achieving a normal erection your penis needs an adequate blood supply. Whenever a male feels aroused the arteries of the penis widen up to fill it with blood. Then that blood supply is held in the penis to give it the firm erection required for vaginal penetration. However, the decreased supply of blood to the penis blood vessels results in a weaker erection or no erection at all. This is a very serious problem and the person who is affected wants a solution. Where pharmaceutical companies such as Oz Meds Online have introduced medication at the same time the medical industry has introduced new treatments for erectile dysfunction. A new alternative treatment for people suffering from erection difficulties is low-intensity shock wave therapy.


Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy

It is a newly introduced treatment for erectile dysfunction mainly for those men that are unresponsive to conventional medication. The severe damage to the blood vessels of the penis makes these patients partially responsive towards medication. Therefore, they need some other treatment and low-intensity shock wave therapy has shown promising results in improving the blood flow. This therapy is mainly recommended for those people on which the performance of surgery is not possible. Low energy shock wave therapy encourages the regeneration of small coronary vessels in the patients. Due to this regeneration of blood vessels, we could see that it is very beneficial in erectile dysfunction treatment and also improve the blood flow of vessels in the heart.


How Does It Work?

Low-intensity shock wave therapy targets the affected tissues and puts them under stress and microtrauma. This trauma and stress trigger a chain of events that lead to the formation of new blood vessels from the existing ones and induce neovascularization in the affected tissues. This treatment improves the blood supply to the penis tissues and therefore it is very effective in erectile dysfunction treatment.


What Is the Process?

Low-intensity shock wave therapy is mainly done twice a week for consecutive three weeks. In every session, the low-intensity shock wave would be given to the penile shaft or the root of the penis for twenty to twenty-five minutes. The doctors might restrict the use of certain medications such as blood thinners before the start of your therapy. Shockwave therapy is very much new to the treatment of erectile dysfunction that is why it is not FDA approved and your insurance policy would not cover the treatment.


Results of Treatment

The shock wave therapy is entirely based on the regeneration of the blood vessels and its use is entirely dependent on the symptoms of ED. Where most men Buy Tadalafil soft tabs 20mg In Australia as a one-time solution to the problem. The use of medication would provide temporary assistance but it would not ensure that the change is persistent. However, low-intensity shockwave therapy improves blood flow and appears to be very helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to vascular damage.

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