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What to Expect from a Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift ™ is an exciting new non-surgical technique for subtly enhancing the breasts.

For women seeking to improve the appearance of their breasts without invasive surgical procedures, the Vampire Breast Lift offers a unique treatment option that can provide dramatic results with a minimally invasive procedure and almost zero recovery time.

The non surgical breast lift can be used to achieve a more pronounced cleavage or to improve lost volume in the top of the breasts by utilizing regenerative growth factors found in your own blood.

When Kim Kardashian uploaded her now-famous blood-spotted selfie, the internet shed it over the vampire face. And currently, the same method is being utilized to plump up your bosom.

Similar to the face, the non-surgical, walk-in walk-out therapy includes 2 60 minute procedures where blood is attracted from the arm, rotated with a centrifuge to divide the platelet-rich plasma, and afterwards returned back right into the breast.

How does the Vampire Breast Lift™ work?

The Vampire Breast Lift ™ uses your body's very own natural powers of renewal. A percentage of blood is extracted from you and afterwards centrifuged in order to harvest the development factor-rich platelets found in the plasma. A tiny needle is after that utilized to inject the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) right into details areas of the breast in order to boost adjustment.

The Vampire Breast Lifts ™ is perfect for women who do not intend to have the recovery time related to conventional surgeries such as breast lifts or breast augmentation or who want an extra subtle, natural improvement of the breasts. It can be made use of to deal with loss of volume and sagging in the breasts as a result of aging, weight-loss or breast feeding, to enhance skin appearance on the upper body as well as to target creased skin on the cleavage. It can additionally be used to correct upside down nipples.

The therapy takes around 40 minutes and also does include injections, so it can be a little awkward however local anesthetic is utilized to reduce any kind of pain and also a lot of patients to discover the therapy very bearable with numerous experiencing no pain in all.

“Some patients may experience some redness, swelling and possible bruising after the treatment, however this usually settles within 2-3 days. Generally speaking, most patients are able to get back to their usual every day routine and activities,” 

Among the main benefits of this therapy is the reality there is no down time or recuperation time involved, unlike with surgical breast enhancement procedures. You can also return to work/normal activities straight away. There is a little chance of creating some very little wounding at the injection websites but this will just last a number of days.

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