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Whooping Cough And Its Remedies

Many people suffer from whooping cough these days. It is a kind of a bacterial infection which can enter the nose and then reach the throat. This can also get scattered very easily. It is also said to be a very contagious respiratory tract problem.

Once one is attacked by whooping cough then they have high pitch of intake of breath and it actually sounds like a ‘whoop’. That is why; it is said to be whooping cough. Though this commonly occurs among children, there are many adults as well who suffer from this problem.

One can go for Ayurvedic treatment when they are suffering from whooping cough. One can buy Torex cough syrup online as well as they are said to be very effective. But before that one should be clear about the symptoms of a whooping cough. The major ones are:

  • Constant sneezing
  • Low fever
  • Mild cough
  • Runny nose
  • Sometimes diarrhoea as well

If the cough turns into some constant coughing and that too with a whooping sound after a week or so then one should consider for a medical treatment. One should be aware that this is a dry cough and so it does not produce much mucus. But when one starts coughing then it can last for a minute or more.

But when one gets affected by whooping cough, it takes at least a week or even more to find out about it because only then, the symptoms started to show. In fact, things can turn worse after a week and then only one realises that it is not the common cold cough. Constant coughing can lead to too much of fatigue and can also provoke vomiting. Continuous coughing can also turn the face red.

There is actually a whooping cough vaccine that can be given to a child but when they grow up the effect of it may have worn off. If the cough leads to some complications than one can suffer from bruised ribs, abdominal hernias and broken blood vessels.

Now, what are the treatments and remedies for this whooping cough? Well, when the doctor recognises it, then they can start a course of antibiotics. It is also prescribed to drink a lot of fluid so that one can save the chance of being dehydrated. One can also try some Ayurvedic remedies. One can use torex syrup because it works really well when it comes to cough relief. This cough syrup is mainly made from 20 natural herbs and so it can be taken safely by both children and adults. One can mix it with a glass of lukewarm water and have it.

Ayurvedic treatment is safe because they have no side effects to it. This particular cough syrup has Tulsi as the main ingredient and it helps in mobilising the mucus. This can also help in dilating and calming the airways of the lungs and also helps one to get relief from chest congestions. So, having it can be very good for cough relief.

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