Why Avoid Undergoing Breast Implantation Surgery under the Novice Surgeon?

Breast is one of the most beautiful organs of any woman and should be taken care of properly. Breast is a natural gift associated with the body part of women and large size breasts are a very good way to impress others, especially men. However, many women feel completely depressed and insecure about the size of the breast.

Healthy Breast is the Real Beauty and Reason of Confidence of the Women

Large-sized breast is a good way to attract others and hence many women undergo breast enlargement surgery to make them look more beautiful. The most common way to increase the size of the breast is the breast implant. Many women get breast implants to enhance their beauty and increase the size of the breast to impress others. However, breast implants help women to overcome breast-related problems, but there are many disadvantages. It is, therefore, always recommended to undergo breast implant surgery in India under the surveillance of professional surgeons and experts. Here are the reasons for not implementing the breast under a non-qualified and novice surgeon.

  • There are more than 20 lakh women worldwide who have implanted breasts. This number shows how much women think about their breasts. According to a new study by the National Institute of Medicine, more than 40 percent of women after the first surgery need a second surgery to correct the deficiency in the first surgery.
  • The trend of breast implants has increased in the last 10 years. But according to the latest research conducted by Breast Implant developers, 27 percent of women have an increased risk of breast cancer due to adverse reactions. Even women who were healthy after the breast implant also experienced at least one or more complications over a period of 3 years.
  • Women who have low skin on the breast take a long time after the surgery to recover. The skin with low elasticity is stretched so that the stretch mark is clearly visible. The size of the very large breast causes a strain on the skin which can be very difficult.
  • Health experts have discovered that more than 9 percent of women end the line in just three years of breast implants. Therefore, those who want to live a natural and healthy life are recommended not to have breast implants.
  • Health experts from several studies have found that the chest wall is damaged by the breast implant. This is a really dangerous condition as this implant can damage your heart and lungs. In many cases, women die after a few years of breast implants.
  • Breast implant is made up of 100 percent unnatural silicon, which is not good for natural human life. We are human beings and our body can never tolerate any artificial and unnatural part. However, many doctors are said to use good amounts of vegetable oil in the latest breast implants. But that is not true. Some fungi are sometimes found in silicone gel items. This is completely unnatural and causes very serious threats to our body.

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