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Why do a child need dental crowns?

A pediatric crown is a dental crown which helps in restoring decayed or damaged teeth of children. These crowns are made of steel or ceramic material and surround the decayed teeth effectively. If you do not treat a rotten or broken tooth on time, it can lead to cavities(caries). Almost 60-90% of school kids suffer from dental caries. You must get caries cleaned and put a filling. In case of severe caries, the child would require treatment like extraction or root canal or crown. A dental crown is much more durable than fillings. Here are a few reasons why does a child needs a dental crown.


1. Dental crowns help develop speech and maintain healthy permanent teeth

Kids grow and learn an adequate speech pattern at an early stage. Their baby teeth play an essential role in the same. They also lay an invaluable foundation for the development of the jaw, giving them a beautiful alignment when the permanent teeth erupt. Breaking the common myth that the lifespan of baby teeth is very short, a study states that the baby teeth can stay in the mouth up to the age of 12 years. Therefore, if you detect decay in the baby teeth, then without any delay, introduce stainless steel temporary crowns over the decayed teeth. Check Invisalign in Dubai.

It will keep your child's baby teeth protected for a longer time. The stainless steel crowns are long-lasting and easy to place. When the child's tooth comes out, the crown also comes out automatically, giving room to a robust permanent tooth. This way, your child can avoid orthodontic treatment to repair their permanent teeth. It gives them confidence while speaking.


2. A dental crown protects the teeth

The enamel of the milk teeth of the baby is weaker than on the permanent teeth. Therefore, it is essential to preserve the baby teeth from any decay until they start growing adult teeth. Depending on the severity of caries on a child's teeth, the dentist will place a crown on the teeth after removing the cavity.

Placing a kids crown helps in protecting the remaining healthy teeth. It prevents further spreading of infection and decay to other teeth. You can also connect the gaps between the teeth by fixing a series of a crown. It will shield the neighboring teeth near the area of decay.


3. A dental crown reduces the need for frequent dental sedation in children

Tooth decay requires the child to visit the dentist and undergo dental treatments. To get better cooperation from the kids and to evade any pain, the dentist uses general anesthesia or dental sedation. However, general anesthesia should not be frequently used in children of small age groups.

A dental crown like a zirconia crown lasts longer and prevents tooth decay. Teeth grouping with multiple crowns lengthens the lifespan of your child's teeth and decreases the chances of having decay. This way, your child's teeth are guarded, and the frequency of your child's dental visit reduces. Hence, your child bypasses the adverse effects of general anesthesia.


4. Dental crowns restore the shape of the teeth

You can restore the tooth structure of a severely damaged tooth of preschool kids with the help of a pediatric crown. It helps in rebuilding the shape and size of the decayed teeth of your child. It is essential to put the crown on a damaged primary tooth as it helps in securing the space for the permanent teeth.

Also, installing dental crown assists in the correct alignment of the child's teeth. An all-porcelain crown gives a better anterior tooth arrangement and looks aesthetically pleasing. It also boosts the confidence level in your kid who has dental caries.


5. Dental crowns help proper chewing of food

If your child is suffering from tooth decay, then he/she will find difficulty in chewing their food. Even removing the decayed teeth also affects the child's ability to eat food. Placing a pediatric crown helps your child to eat their food properly.

You can avoid the extraction of the decayed teeth by using a pediatric dental crown. This way, the functionality of a tooth stays preserved for an extended period. Using a primary molar crown guarantees that there is enough spacing between teeth. It will assist in better digestion of food in the mouth of the child. A dental crown strengthens the muscles and jawbone of a child.



The above are the five reasons why a child needs dental crowns. A dental crown is an excellent way of treating dental caries. At the same time, it is best to practice proper oral hygiene techniques right from the start. It would be best if you use a soft cloth when their teeth have not even appeared. It will ensure that the milk teeth would be cavity-free.

When their teeth start to appear, incorporate the habit of brushing by giving them a brush with soft bristles. Teach them the right way of brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning. Avoid the use of aerated drinks, junk foods, and sugary food. Instead, give them whole fruits and vegetables like an apple or a carrot, which will exercise their gums and keep their mouth healthy.

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